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Why Choose Jeep Tours Cape Town

Jeep Tours is a female owned adventure tourism company based in the beautiful Cape Town region of South Africa. We offer adventure tours in open air Jeep Wranglers around Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Join us as we venture to some amazing lookout spots, bespoke experiences on secluded 4×4 trails combined with some backroads to top wine farms around the Cape.

The BIG Red Jeep

red jeep blue skies

The story of the Big Red Jeep started in the City of Sandton. This Jeep used to be a mall crawler and got to only flex on a curb. Luckily it was rescued and brought down to beautiful Cape Town. This Jeep got to see the beach for the first time, climbed a mountain and even got to take its top off. After experiencing life in its natural habitat, it needed some upgrades. 2 years later, he now stands taller, broader and now has quite a bit of spunk.


Open air adventure awaits. Cape Town has never looked this good.  Let your hair down and come jump into one of our Jeeps for an experience that you will remember forever!


Rugged on the outside, comfortable on the inside. We try our best to ensure the Jeep is most comfortable for the weather conditions. Top on or top off. 


We love what we do, can you tell? We love meeting new and interesting people from around the word and its such fun showing you our beautiful city in the best form of transport available to man. 


Many of our Jeeps are self-owned and driven. We pride ourselves in keeping our vehicles in top condition, clean and presentable. Our drivers are all appropriately licensed and experienced with a few actually being off road instructors.

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An Adventure Awaits