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Jeep Tours is a female-owned adventure tourism company based in the beautiful Cape Town region of South Africa. 

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world luxury travel award

Meet Our Drivers

Our drivers are passionate about their country and eager to share their
knowledge of the local culture, history, and wildlife with you.

lizanne red jeep small


Owner & Driver

Lizanne is the owner of Jeep Tours Cape Town and has found a way to turn her love for adventure into a popular tourism business. With 17 years off roading experience, Lizanne will take you safely on an adventurous dune experience or up the steepest vineyards as she shares her unique locations around Cape Town.

Spotted that bulldog in the logo? That’s Lizanne’s right hand and company mascot, Harley.

francois white jeep small


Driver & Host

By far our best cook on the team, Francois is our potjiekos (local method of cooking) master. Not only is he a great cook, but he also boasts an impressive 25+ years off road experience and has been on the committee of Jeep Club SA for nearly 10 years. Francois is patient and trustworthy and he is always game for a bit of fun.
sue green jeep small


Driver & Host

"Jeeping" has been Sue's passion for the past 15+ years. She'll grab any chance to go off-roading and enjoys meeting people who have great stories to share. Sue is a honest and reliable driver who also believes that growing up is optional. She is always keen to take on a challenge and enjoys travelling to remote locations and exploring new trails.
johan yellow jeep small


Driver & Host

Johan is a qualified dentist with 9 years’ experience in off roading and has been working with Jeep Tours since the beginning. With a passion for traveling and meeting people from all walks of life, Johan is well liked by our guests.

He also has a great interest in the outdoors, 4x4ing, mountain biking, kayaking, cars, DIY, the art of bonsai, walking his Border Collie and spending time with family and friends.

anzette silver jeep small


Driver & Host

Anzette is a qualified draughtsman and an assistant wine maker. She has been a part of the Jeep Tours team since 2019 and is always the first to help with all our animal charity projects. With a few rescue dogs at home, Anzette is kindhearted and well-liked by our guests.

She plays a key role on our wine tour routes and is very knowledgeable on the production of Sauvignon Blanc.

michaela small


Client Liaison

Meet Michaela, our client liaison officer, whose enthusiasm turns any idea into a reality. Filled with unwavering passion, she fearlessly embraces new opportunities and thrives on overcoming challenges. With an impressive 17-year background in office management, Michaela effortlessly ensures that each client feels valued, treating them with the same level of importance as those who came before. Chances are your delicious custom cake or cupcakes for your tour will be baked by Micheala as well.

Our History

Jeep Tours Cape Town is a female-owned adventure tourism company that provides chauffeured driven tours of Cape Town and its surrounding areas in specially designed Jeep Wrangler vehicles. We offer a range of tours to suit different interests and preferences, such as dune tours, wine farm tours, cultural tours, adventure tours as well as large group transfers.

Our tours are led by knowledgeable and experienced drivers who provide interesting insights and stories about the history, culture, and landmarks of the region. The Jeep Wrangler vehicles used on our tours are modern, comfortable and well-equipped for off-road driving, allowing visitors to explore some of the more rugged and scenic areas around Cape Town. All our Jeeps have the convertible soft top fitted, allowing us to provide a fun open top experience on sunny and warm days as well as to close up on route, should weather change on the day.

The Jeep Tours team are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers, and we take care to ensure that our tours are environmentally responsible and sustainable. We are committed in promoting sustainable tourism practices, ensuring all our tours have minimal impact on the environment while supporting local communities.

We also offer customized tours for private groups or individuals, tailored to specific interests and requirements. We accommodate groups sizes from 2 guests up to 110 guests on the same tour. Private tour bookings and itineraries are also available on request.

Since being established at the beginning of 2018, we have built a positive reputation over time by consistently delivering quality tours, providing excellent customer service and building trust with our customers. Our reviews are consistently 5 star and we strive to regularly add unique, premium and fun experiences to stay aligned with the trending Adventure Tourism market.

Add a fun and unique Jeep Tour experience with Jeep Tours Cape Town on your next holiday to Cape Town and create a lasting impression of our unforgettable experience.


Our vision is to provide unforgettable and immersive Jeep Tours of South Africa’s beautiful landscapes, while promoting conservation and sustainable tourism practices.


Offer safe, authentic, and memorable Jeep Tours that showcase the beauty and diversity of South Africa, while supporting local communities and protecting the environment.


We prioritise safety, integrity, sustainability, diversity, and excellence in all aspects of our company.

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